click here to go homeclick here to go home is the home of Trinidadian artist Hetty J. de Gannes. This website aims to compliment the life and work of the artist, to give visitors a guide to her past, present, and future works, as well as let you know what's new with Hetty.

We hope you enjoy your visit, we encourage you to learn about the Artist and the process at our foundry, to offer any comments or feedback you may have for the artist, and to visit our on-line store; where you can find some of the commercially available products offered to the public.

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Attention N.M.A.G. Invited Guests

If you were an invited guest to the N.M.A.G. Presentation held on the 21st of November 2003, you can sign-up to receive your free copy of "The Crucible" via domestic mail.

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